Tuesday, December 18, 2012

DIY revamp your old sweater

Ok so im pretty sure that if you are any bit like me, you are one of those girls that no matter how many clothes you have you still think you don't have enough. LOL i know, i know, you already wore your new sweater and everybody saw it, so you cant possibly wear the same sweater again, right? But what to do, you cant possibly keep buying new clothes every time you feel that way, plus your closet is already so stuffed that it cant handle another new sweater even if you had the money to waste on it.

Worry not! Sessy is here to save the day! i got just the thing to save you, your wallet and also your poor closet! All you need is an old sweater. Yes you read it well, now you don't have to buy a new one because you can turn your old sweaters into new ones in a heartbeat! Why waste money on a new sweater when you can use that old sweater that you haven't been wearing in a while cuz it went out of style...I always say if you cant get it, make it!

So enough with the talking and lets get to work! Here's what you need:

1. An old sweater

I chose this old plain white sweater that i had lying around for a long time. The thing with this sweater is that its a really nice fit but i somehow always found it too plain and boring to wear.
You can bring back to life any plain sweater that you have in your closet. 

2. Beads, studs or buttons

I went for this black beads as i figured they would pop out on my white sweaterBut you can also go for studs or buttons or sequins or whatever floats your boat and goes well with your sweater.

You will also require some thread and a needle to sew the beads/ buttons on. If you decide to go for studs you wont need it as they have little claws in the back which will allow you to secure them on your sweater. And if you choose sequins you can just glue them on.

And last but not least....

3. Your imagination!

This would be the most important ingredient in order to revamp your old sweater! Get creative and think about how you would like your new ols sweater to look like. You can add the beads on the sleeves, or around the neckline or where ever you fancy. The important thing is it should be appealing to you.

So here's what i did with mine! I decided to apply my beads on the shoulders in order to add just a little bit of buzzaz to it ^^ hihi

I left around three fingers space in between each bead and sewed them on with some thread and needle. Easy as pie! It didn't require any extra effort form me all i needed was my imagination and knowing how to hand sew! ^^
And here's the finished product:

 Pretty neat huh? Now my plain sweater looks trendy and cool.
And all i need to do now is wear it and own it!

So off i go now, im wearing a new sweater and feeling like a thousand bucks!

See you fashionistas! ~.^

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