Wednesday, December 19, 2012

DIY Peter Pan shaped Collar Necklace

Hello again my lovely DIY'ers!

So these days i been seeing a lot of collar necklaces everywhere i go varying in shape and design and i thought they would look really cute on a plain sweater or even worn just as necklaces. I really like this new trend because i think collars are great. They can make any outfit look a bit more classy and sassy.  But there is one type of collar that really caught my attention  Im talking about the Peter Pan collar.  This one is very versatile and it brings a dose of cuteness to any outfit.

Well all is great so far except collar necklaces can get quite expensive sometimes, plus if you're a girl like me that easily gets obsessed with new trends, then you probably know your wallet is gonna seriously suffer again. Not to mention that if you are still a student and are on a tight budget you cant really afford it. So this is the time when my saying comes in use again: don't forget girls that if you cant get it, you can make it! So lets make ourselves some peter pan collar necklaces!

This is how mine turned out:

Here's what i used:

- flower beads. If you cant find this type of beads with a flat surface you can also use studs or sequins.

- two pieces of ribbon. I used this blue organza ribbon but you can choose any type of ribbon that matches your material and style.

-super glue. I used this type of glue because i had it around the house but you can use liquid glue. Nonetheless this little guy did a great job!

You will also need:
- a piece of denim material ( i just cut a pair of old jeans that i didn't wear anymore)
- paper and a marker
-some thread and needle to sew the ribbon on

Here's what you need to do:

1. Take an A4  piece of paper and draw the shape of a peter pan collar. 

You don't really have to be good at drawing to make it, trust me i absolutely suck at drawing lol! But for those of you that don't feel confident enough to draw it yourself i made a stencil which you can print out. Just make sure to fold your paper in half when you cut the shape.


Once you cut your paper you should get something that looks like this when its unfolded:

2. Fold the paper back and place it on you piece of denim material.

You can secure it with some pins on the material and then proceed with cutting the shape in the material. Also make sure your piece of material is folded in half just like your paper stencil.

3. Unfold the material and hand sew your two pieces of ribbon on each side of the collar.

4. Start gluing on your beads/sequins.

I put a few drops of super glue on each flower bead than placed it on the material. Easy as pie!

5. Fill out the entire collar with beads.

Or you can do only the edges or the sides, just use your imagination!^.^

And TADAH!!!! Your very own peter pan collar necklace is done!  Now wear it and own it!

See you fashionistas! ~.^

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