Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Easy & cute winter nails ideas

Hi everyone!

So lately i been into doing my nails based on the weather and season and since its winter i thought I'd show you how i express it on my nails :P
Hope these will inspire you ^^


For these i just put a base coat then did the tips of my nails blue and added small white dots with a bobby pin on all nails except my ring finger and thumb finger. I painted a small star shaped thingy to look like a snow flake and i also added glitter polish on those two fingers. And of course i topped everything of with a top coat. Easy na?


This is basically the same design, i just used a shimmery white polish instead of the blue :p


For this design i panted my nails a metallic blue and added some white small stars and dots then topped it off with some silver glitter polish and of course top coat.

And thats that! Let me know if you tried any of these, id love to know your opinions ^^

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